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Coll (Verb)

‍Thousands of years ago local people held the Hazel tree in high regard, believing it to hold the power to give wisdom and knowledge. To them, the Hazel tree is known as ‘Coll’, The Tree of Knowledge.


Aber is a common element in place-names of Celtic origin meaning "confluence of waters" or "river mouth". It’s distribution reflects the geographical influence of the Brittonic and Goidelic language groups, respectively.

Collaber combines the knowledge and experience of a team that understands business, people and technology. We are innovators, digital doers and brand builders focused on creating a better future.

Working primarily with organisations that create and manufacture quality products, we conceptualise, develop and build a B2C brand and work on growing its presence to consumer markets.

Collaber is particularly interested in working with organisations that have a low environmental impact with products and services that will have a positive impact on greater society.

We have grown brands from twinkle to multi million pound revenue.

Industries we’re working in on product centric brands include retail, horticulture, agriculture, food, textiles, gifting and promotional incentives.

Visit our brand showcase page to get a preview of our live brands.

Collaber-ate with us

In these times of great uncertainty, we believe in collaboration to reach goals and achieve success.

3 ways of collaboration:

1) Brand procreation and Brand confluence

Our team create or combine a new brand in close collaboration with your products or services, growing and developing commercial goals.

2) Innovate downstream

We work with larger organisations needing a change of direction or renewed innovation. Think of this as a white label B team to make a positive change.

3) Invest in one of our projects

Our brands hold great opportunities and abundance for our stakeholders. Get in touch about seed investment, growth investment and acquisition opportunities.

If you represent an organisation with experience, knowledge and quality at its heart and you seek to flow in a new direction, let's talk. ‍

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